Candy Bracelet
Candy Bracelet
Candy Bracelet

Candy Bracelet

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A chunky candy themed bracelet full of candy themed charms, bubble beads, star shaped charms and more. A lot of the charms on this bracelet are handmade! You get two lollipop charms, two ice cream scoop charms, a jelly bean charm, four handmade gummy bear charms (including one colour changing gummy bear charm), two M&M charms and lots more. This bracelet measures about 18cm in length.

Please note that the bracelet you receive may look different than the one in the pictures above. The bracelets are handmade by us and we use a variety of different coloured charms.

IMPORTANT: All our slimes are made with a borax based activator. Slime is not edible. Recommended for ages 8 and up.