Christmas DIY Kit
Christmas DIY Kit

Christmas DIY Kit

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Create and design your very own slimes with the contents in this kit! This makes the perfect Christmas gift box. In this kit, you will receive the following: (please note that this kit will not come with the mini Christmas baubles pictured above)

  • A sachet containing our signature glue and cream mixture for you to make your very own basic slime! You will also receive a sachet of ready made activator solution. Just follow the instructions on the sachet to make your own slime! Please note that you will need a mixing bowl and a spoon to make your slime.
  • You will receive TWO storage containers (one 250ml jar, and one 125ml jar).
  • Three containers of paint (red, yellow and blue).
  • Two cups of micro foam beads (you can add this to your basic slime for some crunch!).
  • 2/3 cups of medium white and colourful foam beads (you can add this to your slime for some more crunch).
  • One 125ml ready made white and unscented icing slime. You can decorate this icing slime, or you can turn it into a cloud slime with the snow powder provided in the kit!
  • Six teaspoons of snow powder + instructions. You can use this snow powder to make your own icing slime or cloud slime! Please see our YouTube channel for tutorials.
  • One random colour packet of clay. You can add this clay to your basic slime to make a slay or clay slime.
  • One pack containing 5 different baggies of decorations (glitter, fimo slices, sprinkles etc). Each baggie will have about half a teaspoon of glitter, sprinkles or fimo slices in them.

IMPORTANT: All our slimes are made with a borax based activator. Slime is not edible. Recommended for ages 8 and up.