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Design Kit
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Design Kit

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This is the ideal kit for designing and creating your own slime masterpieces. Watch the unboxing of this kit on our YouTube channel!

This kit contains (it’s a long list!):
1. 5 different types of slime in white and clear - 125ml basic, clay, clear, icing and cloud slime (a total of 625ml slime).
2. 2 dropper bottles with randomly chosen fragrance oils that you can add to your slime.
3. 3 paint colours (the primary colours, so that you can mix any colour).
4. 3 bags of random colour foam beads, one colour per bag.
5. 2 bags with randomly chosen glitter.
6. 1 baggie slush beads.
7. 1 bag micro and medium foam beads mixed which you can add to your basic slime to create even MORE slime!

8. An extra 250ml container for storage.

IMPORTANT: All our slimes are made with a borax based activator. Slime is not edible. Recommended for ages 8 and up.