Frosting Dollop
Frosting Dollop
Frosting Dollop

Frosting Dollop

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A DIY slime kit! You will get a 125ml or 250ml neon pink icing slime scented like a candy store (sweet and delicious), as well as one randomly coloured piping bag charm (SO CUTE!) and a dash of colourful shavings (about 1/5 teaspoon worth of shavings). You will also get a "frosting dollop" clay piece that you can squish into the slime if you want to!

Please note: your DIY clay piece may arrive hardened. In this case, just mix it into the slime until softened.

IMPORTANT: All our slimes are made with a borax based activator. Slime is not edible. Recommended for ages 8 and up.