Resin (Clear Cast)
Resin (Clear Cast)

Resin (Clear Cast)

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Make your own resin charms and more! With this product, you will receive a 500ml bottle of resin, and a 500ml bottle of resin hardener or a 100ml bottle of resin and 100ml bottle of resin hardener, depending on the size option you choose. This resin is an optically clear epoxy resin system formulated to produce clear laminates, coats, linings, etc. with good UV stability. It is commonly used to seal/protect artwork, paintings, sculptures, etc. It is easy to use, cures at ambient temperature and is self-levelling. This resin is non-flammable, odour-free and has no solvent content.

We use this resin to make our own resin charms! Watch this video to see how you can make your own charms. Get creative by adding pigment, fimo slices, glitter and more! Please read the safety precautions before using the product. Always wear gloves and a mask when handling resin. Resin can also get messy, always work in a clean, organised space.

Mixing Ratio by volume: 1:1

Mixing Ratio by weight: 1:0:9

Technical Data:

  • Handling time @ 23°C: 26-27 minutes
  • Demould Time @ 23°C: 24 Hours
  • Fully Hardened: 5-7 Days
  • Colour: Clear
  • Hardness after curing @ 25°C: 75-78 Shore D
  • Hardness after curing @ 60°C: 30-35 Shore D
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 50°C
  • Viscosity @ 23°C: 4400-4700 mPa.s