Wish Come True
Wish Come True
Wish Come True
Wish Come True
Wish Come True
Wish Come True
Wish Come True

Wish Come True

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A box filled with Mushkin wishes come true! Read the list of items below. It's guaranteed to bring jumps of joy. Watch our unboxing video on YouTube! This box is filled with three limited edition slimes (one fishbowl slime, one cloud slime and one clay slime) as well as loads of uncoloured slimes and slime supplies that you can use to make your own designs.

Included in this kit:
- 2x 250ml storage containers
- 1x 250ml limited edition cloud slime (unscented) with a random glitter mix to separate the two layers (might look different compared to pictures above).
- 1x 250ml limited edition CLAY slime
- 1x 125ml limited edition full fishbowl bead slime
- 1x 125ml CLAY slime (white and unscented)
- 1x 125ml icing slime (white and unscented)
- 2x 125ml clear slimes (clear and unscented)
- 1 cup slush beads
- 1 cup medium foam beads
- 1 cup micro foam beads
- 2x fragrance oils (you can choose between Strawberry and Bubblegum or Candyfloss and Banana Split or Choc Mocha and Marshmallow)
- 3x custom Dream SQNS glitters (glitter mixes are subject to change and you might receive a different glitter compared to what is pictured above)
- 1x baggie rainbow foam beads
- 1x baggie jumbo pastel foam beads
- 2x random coloured foam bead baggies
- 1x baggie fishbowl beads
- Instant snow powder (with instructions)
- 1x randomly chosen mochi squishy
- 1x baggie of random fimo slices
- 4x baggies of different faux sprinkles (you will receive 4 RANDOM types of sprinkles and you might receive different sprinkles compared to what is pictured above)
- 2x random candy charms
- 3x containers with paint (yellow, blue and red)
- 1x 250ml DIY glue mix (make your own basic slime!) with instructions.

IMPORTANT: All our slimes are made with a borax based activator. Slime is not edible. Recommended for ages 8 and up.