Slime Care Sheet

Our slime is made with love and care just for you and it needs your love and care once it leaves our hands. This Care Sheet tells you how to do that.

VERY IMPORTANT: ALWAYS play with clean hands! Wash your hands really well and scrub under your nails with soap before playing. Also ALWAYS wash the surface you put your slime on before and after playing! If you don't play with clean hands and on clean surfaces, mould can develop on the slime.


Your slime may arrive sticky or become sticky once you’ve played with it. There are many things that might make your slime sticky, such as the temperature, your body heat and even how dry your skin is.


To get the perfect feel for your slime, firstly make sure that your hands are clean. In fact, wash them anyway and apply some hand lotion (do not apply lotion if you are playing with clear slime). Your slime will stick to your hands if your hands are very warm, not clean or if your skin is dry. 

Leave your slime in its tub and gently push your fingers into it to feel how sticky it is.

If it feels too sticky, do the following: For CLEAR slime, add a few drops of activator ('activator' is a solution of borax powder and water - see instructions below on how to make your activator solution) to your hands and then touch the slime. For any other type of slime, add the one or two drops of activator directly onto the slime in the tub and gently fold the activator into the slime in the tub. If your slime still feels too sticky for your liking, add one or two drops again (remember - onto your hands for CLEAR slime and into the tub for all other types of slime). Keep doing this until the slime has the perfect feel in your hands. Clear slime can also become 'melted' (very liquid) if it's been exposed to a lot of heat (like on a hot day). This is very easy to fix! Pour the mixture into a medium mixing bowl and stir in a few drops of activator at a time until it forms a perfect blob of slime again. Leave it untouched for a few days to clear up again. Watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel on how to do this. ALWAYS remember to play with CLEAN hands (and on a clean surface) when touching clear slime. If you touch it (even just once) with dirty hands, your slime will never ever be clear again. Mould also grows easier on clear slime if you play with dirty hands or on a dirty surface.

Here is a very important note: Too much activator will ruin your slime. If you add too many drops of activator, your slime will lose all its stretch and break apart when you pull it. So go really slowly when you adjust your slime’s stickiness. However, if you add too much activator, your slime can be fixed. Just add a few drops of baby oil and microwave for a few seconds at a time. Knead the slime until you have the perfect feel again!


Now that you know what to do with activator, here’s how you mix it: Take the small packet of white powder (the packet contains half a teaspoon of borax powder) and add all of it to ½ cup of hot water and stir until it is completely dissolved. Now you have your own activator. Make sure your activator solution has cooled down before adding it to your slime. You can buy borax powder from Clicks or Dischem Pharmacy.

WARNING: Borax activator solution should not be ingested. Since it looks like water, CLEARLY mark the bottle you store your activator in.



  1. Play with your slime quickly, it could run between your fingers. A good idea is to play with a little bit first, before you try putting all of it in your hands.
  2. Always keep your slime in your tub with the lid on when you are not playing with it.

  3. Don’t mix your slime with other slimes and don’t add other ingredients to it. Our slime does not like that.

  4. If your slime is runny or more sticky than usual on a hot day, put your slime tub in the fridge for about 10 minutes before you play with it.

  5. If your slime is less stretchy on a cold day, put it in a microwavable bowl (pour it out of the plastic tub into a microwave bowl first) and heat it for 10 to 15 seconds before you play with it.



  1. So, your slime might slip through your fingers onto your clothes or the carpet… don’t worry. Your slime will not stain anything and can be removed with just a normal wash.
  2. Slime does not like paper. You cannot remove it from paper, sorry.

  3. Don’t eat your slime, it’s not food.



There are a few things you need to do that might require the help of an adult, such as using hot water to mix the activator or the microwave to heat your slime. Please ask your parents to read this too and help you with those things.